A comparative review of SteamPotVille and the 2003 Mitsubishi Galant Sedan

When the sensible consumer looks to spend their hard earned paycheck, they can be struck by a number of difficult questions.  Where will the average American get the best bang for their buck?  This article will attempt to tackle a question which has been on the minds of many a cautious consumer: what is the better investment, the new children’s book by Steve Ouch, SteamPotVille, or the 2003 Mitsubishi Galant Sedan?
SteamPotVille has been attracting attention across the country for it’s interesting and vivid colors, surrealist imagery, and ability to entertain children reading after reading.  The story, first published in paperback in 2009 and then released in a hardcover addition by Running Press in 2010, has quickly developed a strong following amongst children, parents and teachers.  The appealing design and very reasonable pricetag, retailing for 15.95 at bookstores across the country, make SteamPotVille a very appealing choice.
Conversely, the 2003 Mitsubishi Galant sedan, assembled primarily in Normal, Illinois and Okazaki, Japan, is a car, complete with front wheel drive, a four speed automatic or five speed manual transition, and a 69 stroke v6 engine.  The care typically retails for around $1500, depending on condition.
A consumer with a good grip on their finances will note the comparable cheapness of SteamPotVille when compared to the Galant, clocking in at almost 100 times less the price.  Further, the buyer should note that an edition of the popular children’s story SteamPotVille, when purchased new, will require far less upkeep then the sedan, with expected maintenance costs being limited to a bookmark and, possibly, a bookshelf.  Conversely, the sensible consumer would be wise to remember that they will be expected to make a large monetary investment in the upkeep of their vehicle, from gas and insurance to oil changes and repairs, not to mention various parking and licensing fees.
Industry analyst Seth Johanson reminded the consumer to be wary when choosing between a 2003 Mitsubishi Galant and SteamPotVille, stating that “The Galant may seem superior in it’s ability to act as a means of conveyance, but given the expected increase in gas prices over the next twenty years, SteamPotVille may be superior in it’s ability to transport people through the use of their imaginations.  Fiscally.”
Finally, the patriotically minded consumer would be wise to remember that the Mitsubishi Galant is produced by a Japanese company, and that purchasing a Mitsubishi may help to outsource much needed heavy manufacturing jobs overseas.  Conversely, SteamPotVille is an American product through and through, and every purchase of SteamPotVille will help keeps jobs in the United States.
Said one industry analyst who chose to stay anonymous “USA!  USA!  USA!”
It is for all these reasons that this article must strongly recommend SteamPotVille as the better investment for the cost conscious American in these rough economic times.  SteamPotVille may be purchased on Amazon, or at your nearest retailer of books.

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