An interview with The Bickles, featuring Children’s Activities!

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It was with an air of trepidation that I began my interview with SteamPotVille’s canine pickle tycoons and famous costume aficionados, the irascible Bickles, Morie and Gathlyn.  This was to be my third interview with members of the SteamPotVille community, and I planned to do my best to keep the whole affair far more organized and focused then my earlier interviews.  In this regard I was less successful then I had hoped.  For the interview the dogs arrived dressed in costumes, Morie as  Darth Vader and Gathlyn as, apparently, a slightly different breed of dog.  This was not a good start.

Interviewer: “Morie, Gathlyn, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me today.”

Morie: “Hey, No Problem-o!  We’ve got nothing else to do all day!”

Gathlyn: “Quite, Morie!”

Morie: “I’m just saying is all that-…”

Gathlyn: “Quite!”

Morie: “…”

Interviewer: “Er…great.  Thanks.  Okay.  Well, I’ll try to keep this brief.  So, you two feature prominently in Steve Ouch’s new children’s story, SteamPotVille.  How do you feel about how you were represented in the story?”

Gathlyn: “What?  We never appear in that children’s story!  You must be mistaken!”

Interviewer: “Really?  I’m quite sure I saw you two in it.  In fact, I think you are mentioned by name…”

Morie: “How did you know it was us?!  We were in disguise!”

Interviewer: “Well, you were wearing costumes, not exactly disguises.  Disguises cover your faces.  They have masks or false mustaches or any number of things.  You two were wearing costumes.”

Gathlyn: “…”

Interviewer: “Further, you two are wearing those exact same costumes right now.  I recognized you instantly.”

Morie: “…”

Interviewer: “You see, disguises are meant to hide your identity, costumes are more of a children’s activity.”

Gathlyn: “A children’s activity?”

Interviewer: Yes, you know, a children’s activity would be going trick-or-treating, or climbing trees, or building forts.  A children’s activity.”

At this the two dogs seems to have totally lost interest in me.  They are chasing each other’s tails, barking hysterically.

Interviewer: “You see?  Frolicking!  This is another example of a children’s activity!”

I’ve entirely lost the Bickles attention, and they are still chasing each other, barking.  They seem to have forgotten that I’m here.

Interviewer: “I’m sorry, I think I’ve gotten us off topic.  What were we talking about?”

Morie (slowly refocusing on me): “Um, Children’s activities?”

Gathlyn: “Morie, you fool!  We were discussing pickles!”

Interviewer: “Well… I think we in fact were discussing children’s activities, but we can change the topic to pickles if you’d like.  You two run the Bickles Pickle Factory in SteamPotVille, do you not?”

Morie: “Yeah, we do, it’s-“

Gathlyn: “We are not going to talk about that!  We are going to talk about Children’s activities!”

Interviewer: “Well, okay.  That’s fine.  What do you two have to say on the subject?”

Morie: “…”

Gathlyn: “…”

Interviewer: “Right, okay, so…”

At this the dogs begin chasing each other’s tails once again.  I am forgotten.

Interviewer: “It’s my understanding that there are a number of children’s activities associated with the book, SteamPotVille.  There are I Spy games stuck right in the book, mini-adventures, tricks of the eye and mind.  Do you two have anything to add on that subject?”

The dogs are still chasing each other’s tails.  Neither of them looks my way.  Morie barks once.

Interviewer: “Well, you two own the Bickles Pickle Factory, and I understand at the moment pickles serve as the active currency of SteamPotVille.  Does being in charge of their production give you any great power?”

Neither dog looks my way, they are still locked in a mad frolic.

Interviewer: “Okay, well…thank you so much for your time.  I understand you are both very busy.”

I feel it’s my duty to point out that there are a variety of children’s activities associated with SteamPotVille, and the discerning reader can find them here.  They seem perfect for use both in the home and in the classroom.  Further, despite their protestations, both Morie and Gathlyn do appear quite prominently in SteamPotVille by Steve Ouch.  I hope to have the opportunity to interview the Bickles again soon, perhaps in an environment where there are not so many…distractions.  The reader may also find quite effective definitions of the terms disguise and costume here, which I believe thoroughly validate my point.

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