Brief Interview with Los Banditos Squirreleys on the subject, apparently, of children’s bedtime stories

Childrens Bedtime Stories with Los Banditos SquirreleysAs I prepared for my second interview with SteamPotVille’s famed thespians, Los Banditos Squirreleys, I made sure I was prepared to handle whatever chaos resulted from attempting to interview an unspecified number of squirrels at one time.  Sure, they most certainly are more intellectually motivated then the vast majority of squirrels, and, being famed children’s book celebrities after the publication of SteamPotVille, they have grown somewhat more accustomed to the presence of the media.  However, I know my interview the famed children’s story theatre troupe would not be the most congruous of my career.  I had a series of notecards prepared with my best questions, tucked away in my breast pocket, but as I slowly descended into the darkness of Los Banditos Squirreleys theater, The Great Hall of Dirt Hall, I knew I would have to be quick on my toes to get even one of them answered.

Interviewer: Thank you…ahem…thank you ALL for taking the time to speak with me.

A few squirrels who briefly focus their attention on me, before returning their attention to banging away on sets and furiously rehearsing lines: Sure!

Interviewer: …Right.  Great.  So, I have prepared a number of questions for everyone here regarding Steve Ouch’s new Children’s Story, SteamPotVille.

A squirrel at the back of the crowd: The what?

Squirrel closer to the front: SteamPotVille!

At the back: What’s that?

Interviewer: “SteamPotVille is a children’s story in which you all feature quite promi-“

Closer to the front: “It’s a children’s bedtime story!”

Interviewer: Yes, quite right!  That’s an interesting point.  What about SteamPotVille makes you feel it is a children’s bedtime story?”

Squirrel at my knee: Well, there are pictures and…it’s for children…and…uh…

Squirrel off to my left: Right, Right!  And you would read it to children!  Before bed!

Interviewer: Are there any specific aspects of SteamPotVille that you think would make the story especially appropriate as a bedtime story?

Timid voice near my foot: “Well, all stories are good bedtime stories right?”

Interviewer: Intriguing, why do you feel that way?

Timid voice: Well uh…beds are…uh…cozy.

Interviewer: Right, Right, and…

Timid Voice: I…uh…I like to read in bed.

Interviewer: Alright great perhaps if we could change the subject slightly we could…

But I’m afraid here I discovered I had entirely lost the attention of Los Banditos Squirreleys.  This was perhaps one of my less effective interviews, but after deeper analysis I have noticed that the squirrels did make one point which holds quite a bit of value.  The open nature of the text, and whimsical style of the art does make SteamPotVille an excellent bedtime story for children, and once which merits reading and rereading.  I will attempt to be more thorough in my next interview, but at least there is one relevant point we can all take away from this discussions, that Los Banditos Squirreleys can all agree, SteamPotVille is a good option as a Children’s Bedtime Story.

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