Children’s Story Interview 1: Mayor Earl Gray

It really was a once in a lifetime opportunity.  I was fortunate enough to be invited into the World of SteamPotVille for a few quick interviews with some of it’s most famous residents, following the publication of Steve Ouch’s expose and children’s story, “SteamPotVille”.  And who could I possibly want to talk to first except the towns most famous, prodigious and Mayoral resident, Mayor Earl Gray.  I got a chance to sit down with Mayor Earl Gray for a quick interview to kick off my research, and I was not disappointed.

Interviewer: “Mayor Earl Gray, it’s an honor”

MEG: “Sbbbbrrrt” began the mayor, stretching out his long peacock neck and letting out a loud, thin grunt, the noise of the longest neck I have ever heard being cleared.  “Please, Young sir, call me Mearl.”

Interviewer: “Mearl?  I have here in my notes that your first name is Earl, not Mearl… I’m terribly sorry…”

MEG: “My dear boy!” Mayor Earl Gray says with a laugh and another long, thin clearing of his throat “”Mmmmmmearl is just a shortening of Mayor Earl.  Don’t you see?  M-Earl.  Mearl!  It’s really rather good, wouldn’t you say?” Earl Grey puckers his beak into a smile, the dark circles of his bird eyes bright.

Interviewer: “ I do, that is good.  Okay, er, Mearl, Well, thank you very much for speaking with me…”

MEG: “An honor, my dear child!  A pleasure!  I’m afraid I’m in a bit of a hurry these days, what with my Mayoral duties and the… well, what with my Mayoral Duties” Mayor Earl Gray, Mearl, worbles contentedly.

Interviewer: “I’ll try to keep it brief.  I really came here today to talk to you about the new children’s story, SteamPotVille by Steve Ouch.  You and your town feature quite prominently throughout the story, what do you think of it?”

MEG: “A Children’s story?  A children’s story, sir?  No such thing!  An exploration, perhaps, a road map, an exploration!  A children’s story?  Never.  Perhaps a…a…”
Interviewer:“Children’s book?”

MEG: “That’s the ticket!  A children’s book.  Yes, yes, that’s the one.”

Interviewer: “So you would say you like it?”

MEG: “Undoubtedly!  Invariably!  Indubitably!  Insatiably, sir, Insatiably!”

Interviewer: “That’s quite some praise, your honor.  What aspect of the Children’s story…er…journey…er…whatever, do you feel you most liked?”

MEG: “Welly Welly Well…” the Mayor clears his gargantuan throat one more time, “I rather liked it when I was pictured, do you know?  All publicity is good publicity,, and good publicity is great publicity!  I may have run  unopposed for mayor here for some twenty-five years now but one can never go wrong with a bit of old publicity!”

Interviewer: “Well thank you very much for your time, Mr. Mayor.  I’m sure you must be very busy.”

MEG: “Not a bit of it, not a bit of it!  Anytime you wish!”  And with this, the Mayor wanders off contentedly.

And this is just my first meeting with a resident of SteamPotVille.  I can’t wait to see what else this place has in store for me.

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