I Spy Bag – A Topsy-Turvy Interview with Los Baditos Squirreleys


It took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust to the darkness of Los Baditos Squirreleys’ theater, the Great Hall of Dirt Hall.    As they did it became clear my request for an interview had been taken very seriously, dozens and dozens of the rodents surrounded me, filling every corner of the place.  Most were staring up at me attentively, but around the edges there was the steady buzz of a theater troupe in full, if not perfectly organized, rehearsal.  I caught snatches of Shakespeare, Euripides, Amiri Baraka and Shaw,  all fighting for dominance over the clicking and clattering of sets being constructed and torn down with endless excitement.  I couldn’t find any sort of leader in the crowd, so instead I decided to address my questions to the assembly as a whole, with interesting results.

Interviewer: “Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me…”

A voice somewhere from the back of the crowd: “What?!  Speak up!”

Interviewer: “Oh, Sorry.  THANK YOU SO MUCH FO-…”

A squirrel dressed as a miner: “Quiet Down!”

Interviewer: “Um…okay, sorry.  So, you all were featured quite prominently in Steve Ouch’s new book, SteamPotVille.  How did you feel about the portrayal in…”

A voice at my knee: “What book?”

Off to my left: “SteamPotVille!  You remember!”

My knee: “Oh yeah, great!  We loved it, right guys?”

Scattered voices: “Yeah!  It was great!  I read it a dozen times!  Awesome!”

Interviewer: “Oh, great.  Glad to hear it…uh…everybody.  Well, a number of people have been comparing SteamPotVille with the I Spy books, by Jean Marzollo and Walter Wick.  How do you feel about this comparison?”

Squirrel in a cowboy hat, on my left: “The what books?”

Voice somewhere to the right; “I Spy!”

Cowboy Hat: “You spy what?!”

A Squirrel dressed in a bear costume: “No, The books, I spy!”

Miner: “I spy, with my little eye, a bee!

Interviewer: “I just want to know what you think of a comparison between-…”

Voice by my knee: “Oh, you mean like an I Spy Bag?”

Squirrel dressed as a scuba diver: “A what?”

My Knee: “An I Spy Bag!  My mom bought me one for Christmas.  It’s like… a bag.  That you spy things in!  An I Spy Bag!”

Interviewer: “I’m sorry, I’m afraid I don’t follow…”

Miner: “I spy, with my little eye, a Worm!

Squirrel on a platform in the corner: “An I Spy Bag is a little bag that has all kinds of things to spy on in it.”

Miner: “Like James Bond?”

On Platform: “No, No.  Not a bag with spies in it.  An I Spy Bag is a bag you spy into!”

Squirrel dressed as a baby: “Oh, I want an I Spy Bag!”

Interviewer: “Listen, if we could just change the subject…”

Cowboy Hat: “Yeah, I want an I Spy Bag too!”

Voice to my right: “Yeah, we should all get I Spy Bags!”

Miner: “I thought Timothy Dalton was the best Pierce Brosnan, you know…”

Squirrel Dressed as a biker: “I saw an I Spy Bag once at the mall…”

At my Knee: “No way!  Sean Connery was the best James Bond!”

Baby: “Can we make our own I Spy Bags?”

Interviewer: “If we could just get back onto SteamPotVille for a second…

Scuba Diver: “I spy, with my little eye…”

From this point on, the interview devolved into utter chaos, and I snuck away without anyone noticing.  Perhaps trying to interview the entirety of Los Baditos Squirrelys at once was not a good idea, and I apologize to the reader for the Squirrels unwillingness to stick to the questions.  If the reader would like to discover more about the I Spy Bag or about James Bond, I recommend they do so on their own time.  Hopefully the next interview with Los Baditos Squirreleys will allow me to focus more on SteamPotVille.

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