Sacramento Book Review praises SteamPotVille

Thanks to Susan Roberts at the Sacramento Book Review for her great review of SteamPotVille.

“If you or your child likes the visual mystery of Where’s Waldo? and I Spy, then you may like SteamPotVille by Steve Ouch. Images are stacked on images are nestled in images, and it’s all for the sorting out to solve a mystery. Or is it all to find the many animals on each page? Or is it to go through the book again and make up your own story to go with the images you like best? It’s difficult to tell, and maybe it’s all. For readers who like visual feasts or readers whose story imaginations soar, they will delight in the many rich layers of characters and scenes.

Deep in a burrow a chipmunk robs a bank and a gopher digs for gold. But why are the ferret and dog interested? It’s an opportunity to ask each reader what they think is going on and to make up their own story. At the end of the book, author/illustrator Steve Ouch shows a gallery of all the animals used throughout. This is a wonderful device to take the child through the book again, matching up the animals. It will keep the youngster busy developing their visual detective skills.”

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