The story?

SteamPotVille is a story about the imagination. Its hidden elements, costumed animals and bright swirling landscapes will  captivate you and your child. Above all, it inspires creativity through fun and interaction. 

In SteamPotVille your journey begins just like every other day in a town built of teapots, birdhouses and bulbous fields. But at night when you fall asleep you begin to dream and the world turns upside-down. Cows say meow and cats say moo in this a hysterical adventure that will have everyone laughing out loud.

Solving the mystery behind the strange occurrences in the town is only half the fun. Every page is filled with hidden animals for children to search for, adding elements of Where’s Waldo? and I Spy to the reading experience. SteamPotVille encourages young readers to be active and creative, pushing children to look closely at each page and then come up with new stories in examining the topsy-turvy art.

We think SteamPotVille will be your bedtime favorite for its ability to remain fresh and engaging. Unlike some stories which children quickly memorize and tire of, SteamPotVille invites young readers to revisit the story through its vivid images—revealing something new with each and every read.

By Steve Ouch
Published by Running Press Kids
Publication month: May 2010
Ages: 2-8; Price: $15.95; 9780762439102

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